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"All the research around the world would show that when a sex offender is driven underground, that is when they are at their most dangerous.

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New figures show there are 120 sex offenders living in communities across Ireland who are subject to monitoring as part of post-release supervision orders.

According to data released by the Minister for Justice, the largest concentration is in the Dublin North and North-East areas, where 32 are living.

There is a friendly and relaxed atmosphere ahead of the 8pm cuddle party's kick off, with many of those present greeting one another as old friends, some with a little premature cuddling.

"I was made redundant from my last job five years ago," Beth, who lives in Clonakilty, explains.

"It's about knowing what you want in the first place, clearly expressing that and then if others transgress those boundaries, being able to say 'hang on that's not what I said you could do, so stop'," Beth adds.

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