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Were Warhol alive, I suggest he’d respond to Lambert’s add-on with his own extension.His would selectively replace content with ads culled from a giant online database. Andy Warhol, Fake Andy Warhol Warhol impersonators would be much more plentiful if the artist were alive — he might even be drowned in versions of himself!Pattern of meeting: Meet 8pm for coffee, then study 8.30-9.30pm followed by prayer 9.30-10pm.

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The results below: Andy Warhol and Add-Art’s Steve Lambert Face off!

Andy Warhol would not get along with Steve Lambert, the artist behind the Firefox extension that replaces ads with art.

The fundamentals were there: a programmer’s brain works differently than normal people’s. And nobody knows I’m the back end girl and nobody sees me in my little room. I don’t actually like being that person who shows off what they do, I like just doing it! But if you went up to Joe, your accountant, he wouldn’t know who they were. Julia Allison, not a lot of people are going to know who she is.

Another thing I love about my job is that I’m not “Ms. Internet celebrities are people who take things a little too seriously.

And, increasingly, some are being elevated to the top job: Stewart Easterbrook at Mc Donald's and Stephen Cannon at Mercedes-Benz, to name a couple of recent examples.

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