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The single best thing you can do that doesn't need any Mac webcam app at all is to improve your room lighting so the camera doesn't have to struggle under inadequate light.

Hey, we are not outside of the company so that’s fair right? You hit the homepage, start a chat, get a link, and send that to friends. There’s no account or login required, so there’s very little barrier to entry. While you might have been one of our early testers of the entire new AIM effort, this is just the video portion and we’ll be in touch soon as the rest rolls out. Use the product by checking out the link below, only with fellow Aol team members. Give us feedback and bug reports through the “Feedback” link in the product.

And since we didn’t technically get the email, I have no problem sharing it. AOL is on the verge of launching a “shiny new video chat product dubbed ‘AV'”.

There's several other Mac webcam effects and image apps worth checking out as well, notably Mactaris' Mac webcam app utility downloadable from the Apple App Store. If your processor is a G4 or greater, if it's speed is 867mhz or faster, that's the point where Apple built-in USB 2 speed ports. In Apple System Profiler Device Tree -- USB 2.0 devices listed need to show "Speed: 480Mb/sec".

Old USB 1.1 ports-devices will only show "Speed: 12Mb/sec" as thier maximum bandwidth. Modern USB 2.0 high-resolution UVC webcams utterly overwhelm USB 1.1 ports which are more than FOURTY TIMES SLOWER.

We offer Available Now, also referred to as video on demand, content on many of our channels.

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