Propertygrid not updating

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Are you familiar with that window in Visual Studio . You know, the one that you wish you could add to all your programs because it has such a cool interface? The control is called the Property Grid and you have full access to it. You can add it to your windows form as part of your design and use it to allow users to edit class properties directly because Microsoft has provided it, they just don't display it initially in the toolbox.This is a common way to signal users that keys such as the CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK, or SCROLL LOCK are enabled, or to provide the date or a clock as a convenient reference.

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In order to utilize the property grid attributes in Table 1, we need to import the namespace for these attributes so we add the using clause for the System.

Component Model: All that is left to do to get the grid running is assign an instance of our customer class to the property grid.

You may bind Rad Property Grid to a single data item.

Thus, you will be able to examine and edit its properties.

Row data example: Return all the groups, each group contains the following properties: value: the group field value.

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