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DATABASE: -- You'll need to create a database (I named mine 'records' but it can be changed) using PHPMy Admin -- Save the included sql file on your desktop as a file -- Once you've created the database, make sure the database is selected, then click the "import" tab -- Select the file on your desktop, and import it into your database.

After creating a new SQLite database using a command such as Sometimes you may wish to use one database connection for SELECT statements, and another for INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.

Laravel makes this a breeze, and the proper connections will always be used whether you are using raw queries, the query builder, or the Eloquent ORM.

If there are issues I haven't noticed, please let me know.

Do realize that it is intended for beginners, so I didn't want to do anything too advanced that might lead to confusion. It's a basic system that allows you to: -- view existing records -- edit existing records -- delete existing records -- add new records Online demo: just imagine that you are in charge of a sports team, and you want to keep a list of all your player's contact information.

One of the most common and challenging tasks for any application involves persisting and reading information to and from a database.

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