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by  |  22-Apr-2017 17:57

If I set value to lower than 1/50 (like 1/10) it becomes obvious that draw calls are skipped and the dark purple background is visible (and resources are being saved), but only when the window is inactive.

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GAME ENTITIES Different games have different requirements as to what is needed in a game entity, but in most games the concept of a game entity is quite similar.

A game entity is some object that exists in the game world, usually the object is visible to the player, and usually it can move around.

Therefore we are going to develop an object that is going to hold all of our Visible Game Objects, being in charge of updating, drawing and then finally removing them. Now we want to add the following code: Click here to download Game Object Manager.h On line 7 and 8 we have familiar constructor and destructor definitions.

The only thing it isn’t going to be in charge of is creating them. You will find as a trend I generally define a constructor and destructor even if they are empty, as the compiler is going to make one behind the scenes anyways, so you might as well have one out in the open where you know exactly what it is doing!

Our Player Paddle for example, but in coming times we are going to be adding another Paddle, a Ball, a Scoreboard.

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