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Ducey spokesman Daniel Scarpinato said the governor has been a strong supporter of driverless car technology and new business models, signing in August 2015 an executive order supporting the testing of such cars in Arizona.

Uber faced immediate backlash after it launched its California testing in San Francisco last week.

From the start of 2017 through May 29, according to the data, there have been a total of 694 wrong-way driver reports compared to 1,104 in 2015 (tracking began in April) and 1,729 in 2016.

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Uber said in a statement that it had shipped its cars to Arizona and will be expanding its self-driving pilot program in the next few weeks.

The company hasn't announced a date when the cars will be tested, nor did it provide details about how many cars were included.

Uber responded by briefly suspending its self-driving cars in its three testing locations — Arizona, San Francisco and Pittsburgh — as it investigated the accident.

Uber’s self-driving car program is rolling out amid questions about how much government regulation it should endure on issues such as accidents, insurance and reporting instances in which the person behind the wheel in test cars needs to take control of the vehicle.

PHOENIX - Following the deaths of two drivers in a wrong-way crash Tuesday night , Gov.

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