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For my part, to evolve from fisting with a simple hand to the elbow, it took me a year at a rate of two or three nights a week. If the fisted guy does not unblock sphincters, can this really block the fister even if he insists? When you fist, you don’t address the cortex, but the primitive brain; the one animals had at very prehistoric time where we were only worms. In the ascending colon, there are actually 5 or 6 "segments"...

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I'm looking to set up a fisting party with bareback fucking and cum eating for anyone that is interested.

it will be in central Florida, probably in Orlando area.

I was searching around but didn't find anything on this so I decided to start the topic... I'm actually looking for a guy (or girl but I guess not many of those around) who did try and liked to do fisting on a guy - I'm into that, and I'm in Jakarta of course.

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