Gretchen rossi dating jay

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The couple are determined to get married but Slade’s debt were holding them back as he has debts which he took to ensure his teenage, a victim of aggressive brain cancer gets the required treatment and Slade says, “I am happy to be in debt as long as Grayson gets to stay here with us.” If they got married, the debt would fall over Gretchen too, but it’s doubt if the debts more than her net worth of million accompanied by a salary of 5 thousand per season.

It is unclear as the amount is not specified, but Gretchen now says that his debts are not the reason that is holding them back.

She also alleged that he leaked nude photos of her and told lies to tabloids about her, causing her to be fired from the popular “housewife” franchise and cost her 0,000 in endorsements.

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Former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star, Gretchen Rossi has been entangled in legal disputes with her former friend and alleged stalker, Jay Photoglou for years. According to arrest records obtained by Radaronline, Photoglou phsysically assaulted Gretchen’s current fiancée, Slade Smiley.

The reported attack happened on April 21st when Gretchen, 38, and Slade, 43, had finished having dinner at popular Newport Beach Eatery, A’s Restaurant.

However, she never received the money because shortly thereafter, Photoglou filed for bankruptcy.

What has since followed is Gretchen again taking him to court in an attempt to collect the money she was awarded.

Every one caught on b/c on either Season 4 or 5 reunion a clip was showed how Gretchen doing her hair b/c viewers wanted to know.. Google “Gretchen Rossi lies about extension” “Eating the correct things really help with keeping your hair, nails and skin looking great! Who needs pricey extensions and hours wasted at the hair salon?

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