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Many BAs, myself included, conflate requirements verification and validation.

(Here’s a challenge: Read the comments on the Requirements Verification post and see if you can find evidence of validation instead. We’re all learning here.) It wasn’t until I was deep in my preparation for the CBAP exam that the difference finally sunk in.

It may include simple physical manipulation and measurements.

In particular, during the development cycle of the system, the validation process is performed in parallel with the system definition and system realization processes and applies to any activity and product resulting from this activity.

The validation process is not limited to a phase at the end of system development, but generally occurs at the end of a set of life cycle tasks or activities, and always at the end of each milestone of a development project.

In this lesson we will learn about software validation and verification, an aspect of project management in which requirements and processes of new software are analyzed to verify that the product meets certain specifications and functions correctly. A county library staff currently records all library transactions on a hand-written ledger - everything from lending materials to recording fine payments.

They would like to automate these manual processes through the use of a computerized system.

I will provide a description of each with two brief examples of how each could be used to verify the requirements for a car and a software application.

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