Housewife sex

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Tony Wadsworth said his wife, Julie Wadsworth, was "a very special human being" who had found the daytime encounter with the male in woodland in the 1990s "exhilarating and exciting".He told Warwick Crown Court: "It was a positive, because she felt empowered as a woman.

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Giving evidence in his defence, Mr Wadsworth said that in two separate encounters, involving up to three males each time, they appeared to be "16, 17 - possibly 18".

He described a claim he had sexual encounters with anyone aged 16 as "outrageous", and denied a prosecution allegation he had a "threesome" with his wife and a boy at his then home in Warwickshire.

A pregnant wife who caught her husband cheating punished his mistress by putting chili peppers up her vagina.

Ly Chanel, 23, became suspicious when her husband of seven months, Chien Keo, 24, kept disappearing for hours on end.

and have the legal right to posses adult material in my community.

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