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Half the fun of dating someone is slowly finding out more and more about them as you get to know each other – don’t ruin that fun for them or yourself by knowing everything about them before you even go on the first date. So many of us have activity on our Facebook profiles from years ago that we’ve forgotten about, such as pages we’ve liked, ranting status updates and cringe-worthy photos.

Plus, what happens if you mention something about them that they haven’t even told you yet? Take some time to go through your activity and get rid of anything that doesn’t accurately represent you – because even though it might be in the past, it can (and will) be found if your partner ignores Rule #2! Be sure to define your relationship in the offline world before you change your relationship status.

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By Anastasia Amour The rules of dating have changed.

But don't start tapping away at that touchscreen just yet.

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