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Hi, so i liked the info on your website and i went ahead and installed the screen recorder (free version) on my computer. I get a blank screen when it replays the recorded files. i have been a vicitim of recording, this person has film of me that i never agreed to give!Think, if you had read my article earlier on, wouldn't you have been more carefull with your webcam?It describes itself as a random video chat meets social networking that creates a "nightclub-like" experience.

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Often people ask me if it is possible to record and save the live web cam stream of a chat partner on MSN Messenger. Download Bulent's screen recorder, an excellent program to record a webcam session. concerned - how are you going to get a notification if the person on the other end just points a video camera at the screen and starts recording?

It is able to capture a part of the screen and save it as an AVI (movie) file, so you can also use it in combination with Yahoo! The new version, now shareware, can also record audio which is not possible with the freeware version. Slows down PC (especially when recording large areas, but what would you expect when its taking screenshots all the time) PS: Nice of you to mirror it. is it possible for someone in the net to intercept my webcam even he/she is not invited? Or if 20 people are in the same room, all watching?

COM, tu sitio de encuentro en Español, un videochat gratis donde encontraras gente como tu.

Disfruta como nunca invitando a [email protected] tus [email protected] a la comunidad de videochat gratis mas grande de Internet Has amigos, liga, charla, chatea y comparte momentos agradables en buena compañía, juega con tu webcam, espía la webcam de tus amigos y amigas Intégrate en esta comunidad de videochat gratis invitando a todos tus [email protected], aprovéchate de Estas a un click de distancia de comenzar a vivir una experiencia inolvidable, enciende tu webcam, conecta tus altavoces y únete a nuestra comunidad todo videochar es cool Numerosas aplicaciones de videochat se vienen dando desde hace ya tiempo, ahora no solo se puede chatear sino verse por webcam con amigos por medio de aplicaciones como tinychat, oovoo, o skype entre otras.

This article describes the use of the freeware version, 1.5a, of Bulent's screen recorder. Easy to setup and use thought it has lots of preferences (which i like). Saved me a search :) Hey, the Bulent's Screen Recorder seemed real nice, but i'm not sure if I made it work properly. Hi Andre, My best guess is that changing to a different video player might make it possible to capture the video, since I think the player writes directly to your videocard and hence making capturing impossible. Great Program but can some1 please tell me how to play the file in windows media player after i have recorded it. I decided to publish this article for two reasons: first, I wanted to explain that this can be done, and how.

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