Dating not answering phone dating a hiv positive women

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In most cases we expect that dating should be a two way kind of an engagement, but unfortunately men find themselves just giving more.

Since dating is just an uphill task, as the man you should have clear-cut strategies and goals of what you need in a woman.

Lives that are best lived without being "connected" 24/7. I don't always respond to a text from my son immediately, it depends on the context of the text.

And disciplined enough to know that I don't play by rules, I play with em.1. My opinion is that it's a controlling move - my stating that is just an opinion - no one's telling you not to do it or giving you orders (irony). I used to answer work texts, emails, calls 24/7, now, fvck em, when they pay me for being on call and not just regular hours Monday to Friday for 7 hours a day... If I have a friend who cuts me out of their life because I did not respond to them on their timeline - it's not going to be a great loss.

Often, whenever I ask a question (in order to get to know them better) they either give a very short answer or don't answer my question at all. But I just feel that they're not interested in me, not even as a friend. Though, depending on the person, it could also be indicative of them just pushing people away i.e. Sometimes, it's necessary to be a little persistent with some people. Also the fact that that annoying little window would pop up at the most in-opportune times.

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