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However, because of his school hours was not enough even though he participated in the midterm and final examinations, he was expelled from school; thus he transferred to Southeast University and attended the University of Science and Technology When he was young, he joined Taiwan's track and field team where he was placed 9th in a 100-meter race project.

He also used to learn Taekwondo, where he achieved red and black belt.

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They were briefly introduced but never talk to each other.

Xiao Xun (HATE HER SO MUCH)(First if you guys like her please don’t come here coz I goin to talk sh*t bout her alotsif you guys fans like her n bashin @ me go ahead I sure this wuz I going to hear“Get life” well lets saying wuz the diffenct between like n hateu like her n I don’t. In the end of the series, they won't be together. I know supposedly I'm not suppose to enter, but let me say this in example to why I came here... I'd admit she's got more talent than some of the girls in Hey Girl, but honestly, I can't stand her. In all of them, she's had quite a significant role. I agree with the fact that Xiao Xun does get more role than the others when it comes to acting... so you can't say she was trying to get in the way of their relationship bc the way I saw it they didn't have one to begin with it was Mei Mei who only liked him & plus Xiao Yu himself did choose Mei Mei over Xiao Xun when they were being asked so I'm guessing if he could choose either one to be his female lead it would be Mei Mei not Xiao Xun..

ur life is like her n my life is I don’t like her)@ first I though she was kind ok n kinda good looking but not anymore She is always is the miss perfect BSHer character so fake U guys might don’t see but the scene in BSM in eps 12 or 13 when she sayin to mei mei She so fake!!! Supposedly if someone made a hate thread for Gui Gui [& it seems as if most of you here like Gui Gui including myself] I'm sure we would all rush over there to support Gui Gui right? When she sings, her accent is really really think and it's a bit annoying. but she does have the potential to act I mean the girl improves everytime she acts & every character she portrays is very lively the way the director wants it to be so I'm guessing that'swhy she has more opportunities... I quite disagree bc when I watch clips of the girls on WAHSH I never see her trying to act cute like most of them do! I hate how she always gets in the way of my favorite couples. okay well hopefully I'm not sounding too pushy like I want to win or something but like I said these are just my personal thoughts we all have our own thinking.. bc not everyone's gonna like the same person right? my reasons are very clearbut some people i think wouldn't agree with i hate her because she is stealing Wang Ziaway from Gui Gui.

He attended in Taichung County, then transferred to Taipei County Zhuangjing Senior Vocational School where he graduated in high school.

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