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With automated lifecycle management and security, Big Data Cloud Service-Compute Edition is designed to optimally and securely run a wide variety of big data workloads and technologies while simplifying operations.

Big Data SQL is Oracle’s breakthrough approach to simplifying access to big data sources.

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Hit those targets, who cares if it's hurting customers." A financial services manager who left BMO in Calgary two months ago said he quit after having a full-blown panic attack in his branch manager's office as she threatened to stifle his banking career because he hadn't met sales targets.

No matter the reason a customer calls a bank's hotline — online banking trouble, stolen credit card, bill discrepancy — call centre employees say their job could be on the line if they can't sell the caller a new product or service.

These tables are engineered to transparently map the external semantics of data access – horizontal parallelism, location, and schema – to Oracle internals.

This ensures the best possible optimizations for access and native processing throughout.

A 10-year employee in BMO's Montreal call centre said she quit in January because she couldn't stomach the pressure to sell callers products they didn't need just so she could reach her sales goals.

Big bublic cam chat

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