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This man mailed himself as a package to his girlfriend's house.

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The Explainer is where we explain an aspect of Chinese life. This is in addition to the other two lovers' days that people celebrate in China: traditional Chinese lovers' day (七夕) on lunar July 7, and Western Valentine's Day on February 14."5.20" originated from the Internet, as many things do.

Think of May 20 as young netizens' Valentine's Day.

And for those who are single, well, it’s a perfect time for them to be brave and show their love to their main crush! 0 in Chinese, 五二零 wǔ èr líng, they sound very close to the words 我爱你 wǒ ài nǐ. They don’t sound exactly the same, but they sound quite similar, and that’s enough!

Nobody can resist a declaration of love on this special event! When you write May 20th in numbers, it’s written 5.20. The Chinese love plays on homophonic words and numbers with hidden meanings.

And like many other internet terms, this one is based on pronounciation.

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