aubrey dating donnie - What smart teenagers know about dating relationships and sex

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Even if you think you know everything you need to know about sex, take a few minutes and read on. Many teens believe waiting until they are ready to have sex is important. For example, some teens may want to wait until they are older (adults); other teens may want to wait until they feel their relationship is ready. However, if you're going to have sex, using condoms is the best way to reduce the risk for getting STIs. Remember to use a latex condom every time you have sex—no matter what other type of birth control you and your partner might also use.

To protect against getting an infection from having oral sex, use a condom, dental dam, or non-microwavable plastic wrap. To make sure you stay healthy, get regular medical checkups.

This comprehensive source for teenagers covers dating, relationships, and sex, and covers them well while weaving such themes as self-esteem, trust, mutual respect, thoughtful decision making, and communication throughout each chapter.

It's an excellent tool for parents, teachers, clergy, and health professionals to reach teens and prevent the problems parents dread.

-- The learning curve -- Attraction -- Flirting -- Action plan: date ideas -- Asking someone out -- The big chill -- Meet the parents -- Smooth moves -- Showtime: the date -- Relationships -- Making a relationship work -- Fight club -- Sex in the big city -- Trouble in paradise -- The drama syndrome -- Breaking up -- Grieving -- The last mile.

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