Cisco switch vtp not updating

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VLAN 1 and VLANs 1002 to 1005 are always pruning-ineligible; traffic from these VLANs cannot be pruned.

Extended-range VLANs (VLAN IDs higher than 1005) are also pruning-ineligible.

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Cisco switch vtp not updating

The documentation clearly states that in VTP version 2 a switch in transparent mode will not inspect the domain name, but we can see from this test that it does appear to inspect the domain name and does not pass along messages that do not match its configured domain name. I will configure the same domain name on SW2, but leave it in transparent mode. Before you start configuring something in production or on a lab exam, be sure you know how it really works.

It’s a common discussion about when Cisco VTP protocol is actually forwarded through Cisco switches and when it’s isn’t.

The switch then ignores advertisements with a different management domain name or an earlier configuration revision number.

When you make a change to the VLAN configuration on a VTP server, the change is propagated to all switches in the VTP domain.

Those VLANs should now be created on SW1, and SW1 should have sent VTP messages, one for each VLAN change, to SW2. The new VLANs have propagated to all switches in the topology, and the configuration revision number (3) matches on all three switches. We will change SW2 to transparent mode and the VTP domain to PACKETPUSHERS. If VTP version 2 in transparent mode does not inspect the domain name, then SW3 should get the new VLANs, and its configuration revision number should match SW1. SW2: SW2#conf t SW2(config)#vtp mode transparent SW2(config)#vtp domain PACKETPUSHERS SW2(config)# SW2(config)#end SW2# SW1: SW1#conf t SW1(config)#vlan 40 SW1(config-vlan)#vlan 50 SW1(config-vlan)#vlan 60 SW1(config-vlan)#end SW1# With those configuration changes complete, let’s verify and see what our VLAN databases look like now.

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