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Hip hop is about to have a NEW HIP HOP TOP COUPLE!!!

The situation unfolding in Charlottesville, Virginia took a dark turn in the wake of Gov.

Terry Mc Auliffe declared a state of emergency in the city.

She has a lot of respect for him and thinks he’s cute She sleeps over his house but he hasn’t slept over her house yet. They haven’t had sex (yet) because she didn’t want to date anyone/wanted to be celibate for a year BUT she thinks he’s gonna be the exception because he’s so dope.

When “sh ETHER” was suddenly taken off the airwaves, rumors circulated that Nas was angry with Remy Ma because she didn’t ask for his permission to use his “ETHER” beat.

Apparently, this is enough to place Well it ain’t the A$AP Mob but it’s a mob of rappers nonetheless.

Mediatakeout nas dating

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