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As we've said before, heterosexual guys and girls can't really be friends, because in almost every situation at least one party is just biding their time until the other person lets their guard down and finally lets them smash.

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My male friends tell me to quit looking for a long-term commitment and just date for sex. My age-old question is: How does a person find a happy balance in this dating world?

-- DATING SCENE IN ARIZONA DEAR DATING SCENE: "Dating" means different things to different people.

“Safety of students and staff is the first and most important of the many tasks of a school administrator.

For the 10 years I have been high school principal, we have denied requests each year from students asking to bring older dates to prom,” Principal Steve Hawkins said in a statement to WVTM.

After you risk additional barghests, ghouls, and (if you take the long way) drowners.

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