Yahoo pipe not updating rss

by  |  25-Nov-2016 19:36

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yahoo pipe not updating rss-50

Pipe to a news site but the feedless source doesn't have a date/time for each item. Pipes rewrites the guid, it will work, because Yahoo!

My RSS doesn't works very well: each update makes the RSS Reader, Google Reader for instance, to mark all readed items as unreaded again. Pipes converts your guid text into a hash value, that do not is modified until the text is modified.

You shouldn’t have to check an app to see if it’s raining, or turn on the TV to see if there’s a severe weather warning.

A few weeks back we did an episode of e PN TV highlighting the new Daily Deals feed.

Perhaps that's because of the lack of pub Date tag or incorrect guid tag. I think the GUID is generated from the link parameter. Have you looked at Feedity - for creating custom RSS feeds.

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