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Although dental caries remains a public health worry, it is no longer the unbridled problem it once was, thanks to fluoride. Mc Kay (r) persuaded the Colorado State Dental Association to invite Dr.

If there has been an extensive infection, other treatments, including antibiotics or a root canal surgery may be indicated.

It started as an observation, that soon took the shape of an idea.

Your dentist can help prevent cavities with fluoride treatments, and can find them by taking pictures (X-rays) of the teeth.

Once found, the dentist may treat your cavity with a filling or if extensive, with a crown.

CDC works closely with other federal agencies, external experts, and researchers to gather and publish recommendations around various health topics. Department of Health and Human Services published U. Public Health Service Recommendation for Fluoride Concentration in Drinking Water for the Prevention of Dental Caries. In 2013, The Community Preventive Services Task Force reaffirmed and updated its recommendation for water fluoridation based on strong evidence of effectiveness in reducing tooth decay (dental caries) across populations.

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