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It’s a very pretty dance, though, past the koi ponds and cobblestone drive, the sports cars and sprawling courtyards, and into the sleek reception area where a polite lady takes my name, suggests a seat and fibs a little, saying, “They’ll be down for you in a moment.” After I’ve flipped through a trade or two and touched up my lip gloss, the publicity chief arrives to escort me to Katzenberg’s office.

“You have one hour,” he reminds me — one short hour — in which to attempt to pin down the prolific executive. Katzenberg has been around too long to make the mistake of telling a reporter anything truly revealing, so the prospect of a probing interview seems both ambitious and unlikely.

The Jewish Home's first president, Simon Lewis, was a Polish immigrant and grocery store owner who was concerned with the increasing number of destitute elderly in the community.

By 1916, the Jewish Home had raised enough money to purchase property in Boyle Heights, including an existing single-family residence.

In recent years, obstacles to research created by the absence of published guides to archival collections, compounded by the fact that it is often difficult to identify collections holding materials relevant to Jewish history, have begun to be addressed.

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