How accurate are sonograms for dating pregnancy

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if she had sex with that other dude at around two weeks after the first day of her last period, i would put money on it being his kid.however if she had sex with him two weeks after, and with you around two weeks after, then its gonna be hard to tell. now she had sex with this guy before her period the week of the 14-15 september following week had her period and on the 23rd september she had sex with that same guy again after her period. I have no clue what is going on if she was obligating after her and i had sex and she got pregnant then again dont know if the other guies sperm was hanging around to join with the egg.

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The expert answers The person doing your ultrasound is the only person who can accurately answer this question specifically for you.

However, it should be very accurate (close to 100 percent).

the odds are leaning more toward him with the research i have done.

im deploying to afghanistan soon and need the peace of mind if thats my kid or his? a woman is most fertile two weeks after the first day of her last period. the first day of her period was jan 1, her most fertile days would be around the 14th of jan. it depends on how many days she has between her periods.

This section is an attempt to present an overview of the most basic prenatal tests most pregnant women in the US are pressured to have, including Ultrasounds, the AFP/Triple Screen Test, Gestational Diabetes tests, and under certain conditions, Amniocentesis.

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