Who is gretchen dating slade

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The 38-year-old came into the lives of her co-stars with a fresh perspective, a carefree attitude, a highly-scrutinized relationship, and ready, willing, and able to get involved in the drama.

When the cast someone like that, you know she's a winner and absolutely meant for reality TV.

That is saying a lot about their families now isn’t it? Let’s not forget that Gretchen proposed on national television and the history of Gretchen and Slade telling the truth? Also, last year, Slade still wanted you to believe the tattoo on on Gretchen’s finger never said Jay; Personally, we don’t care either way, it would just be nice for this couple to own it and say look, we have dated for 7 years and not getting married because we don’t want to pay for it. It’s always the cover up that is questioned, not the lie.

"Gretchen cannot wait to be Slade’s wife and, when the time is right, they will have their huge lavish wedding.” The pair, who've been engaged since 2013, originally planned to get married on May 23, but didn't go through with it when they realized that a lot of family members had already booked trips over Memorial Day Weekend.

Really, what other past Orange County Housewife would you want back on Bravo other than her?

Gretchen & Slade would not be getting married anytime soon..

We have covered the great adventures of Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley since the couple was fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County.. Let’s get to the latest adventures of Gretchen & Slade.. Despite Gretchen Rossi, promoting her wedding well over a year ago and their whole reason for appearing on Marriage Boot Camp along with Gretchen tweeting away as she scouted different locations and even got a shout out from Wet Paint; While the couple isn’t expecting a baby (yet! Now that they have been together for over five years, it’s about time for Gretch and Slade to tie the knot — and it looks like they’re already scouting out locales for the big day!

“The reason that the wedding has been postponed so many times is not because they have doubts that they are meant to be together, but because they are both working on a lot of projects right now.” RELATED: You HAVE To See How Different Gretchen Rossi Looks Without Makeup! (Photo Credit: Getty Images) Gretchen and Slade got engaged back in 2013 and originally had a wedding date set for May 23, which was cancelled at the last minute.

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