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And there was this, an eye-catching display of dating data, and arguably the most interesting of the lot: The chart, which comes from a longitudinal study by sociologist Michael Rosenfeld, says a lot about how romance has evolved over the past 60 some odd years.

Because it’s such a nascent phenomenon, though, there’s a pretty steep learning curve.

Before you reach out to that potentially perfect partner, make sure you go about it the right way.

I think a lot of times we meet the wrong person and we move too fast or we don’t know how to evaluate if someone is really a good match for us or not, sometimes we get hung up on our emotions and we’re not paying enough attention to what’s really going on in front of us, and as women we can invest a lot into relationships...sometimes with people we don’t know as well as we should.

My hope is that the book will help women make smarter, better, faster decisions in life and love. You publicly expressed your initial reluctance to do reality television.

And now as a star of the reality show “Blood, Sweat and Heels,” she’s learning there’s a lot that comes with notoriety.

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