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Likewise, many researchers have estimated sibling incest to be much more common than parent-child incest.

It seems that when abusive acts occur between siblings, family members often don’t see it as abuse [4]. What is the difference between sibling abuse and sibling rivalry?

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She is also passionate about creating awareness on the specific needs of battered immigrant women, such as language access and cultural competency.

Additionally, she has worked as a kickboxing instructor for over six years and has focused on helping battered women regain their confidence and self-esteem through her classes. Lee brings her expertise of domestic violence not only to her role as Executive Director of Becky’s Fund, but also to the individuals and families with whom she works personally. Lee first became aware of the tragedies of domestic violence during a college lecture delivered by a criminal attorney who specialized in acquitting battered women who were imprisoned for killing their abusers in self defense. Lee was so significant that she has dedicated her career to addressing the social, cultural and legal barriers that entrap domestic violence victims.

The physical abuse can range from more mild forms of aggression between siblings, such as pushing and shoving, to very violent behavior such as using weapons. As a rule, parents and society fights and aggression among siblings.

Because of this, parents often don’t see sibling abuse as a problem until serious harm occurs.

We are the catalyst for changing society to have zero tolerance for domestic violence.

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