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The internet was already abuzz with rumours that Beyonce and her husband Jay Z had jettisoned the blow-up paddling pool usually associated with home births in favour of a custom maternity ward in their home to the tune of around $1.6 million.

But now "sources" and "insiders" have been drip-feeding whispers that The Arrival has already happened.

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ and worship God in Spirit and in Truth then this album needs to be in your collection, it will not only bless you but praise God in the process, something we should all do more of.

My prayer is that the words and truth of the song and poem touch your heart, ignite your passion for, and lead you to know God and His truth, peace, blessing, joy, love and blessing in, and for your life.

So as the internet works itself into a tizzy and the Beyhive Do Not Rest, guess we all just wait and try not to be the friends who text heavily pregnant women who are sick and tired of everything to ask: "any news?

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