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I immediately went to a salon and had them fix it because it was too embarrassing to leave the house with. Well, what the hell else am I going to do with them? Also, if your entire profile paragraph is an all-caps “TWO HEATS BEET AS ONE I AM LOKING FOR MY SOLEMATE” and you “flirt” with me (don’t ask, these sites are kind of ridiculous) I’m not replying to you. You’re going to have to keep looking for your solemate, my friend. One guy “flirted” and then “favorited” me and then sent me a message (which was “ANY LUCK HERE?

Online dating commercials about meeting the love of your life on the internet can’t lie, right? And I thought, should I share them with the internet? Actual emails I’ve received on the site: “YOUR PRETY,” “what r u doin,” and “its cold in winter.” Yes, I realize that sometimes, a very good heart beats within the body of a person who cannot express themselves in their native language, but it still makes me cringe.

The simple solution is if someone who isn’t your type just ignore their message and move on, their feelings won’t be hurt as much as you would think trust me.

Gym Pics – Is it me or is the gym seen as a qualification rather than a hobby?

Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with keeping in shape and a toned body on a woman is visually appealing to an extent.

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