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Birth of every kui was accompanied by internal pain and experiences for the oppressed people and bravery of Kazakh hero.

And in kuis "Akbai", «Aksak kiyik», «Turmeden kashkan», "Adai", etc.

I'm not in vain Scamm Baiter and write some more than 8 verschiednen addresses if I feel like it.

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At the time, about 4,000 tonnes a day was being added./d), or one third of Kazakhstan's daily production.

In January 2003, after contentious negotiations with the government of Kazakhstan, the TCO consortium members initiated a $3 billion expansion project designed to boost production to approximately 450,000 barrels per day (72,000 m bringing production above 500,000 barrels per day.

Kazakhstan is one of the world’s emerging suppliers of both oil and natural gas.

The largest oil find in the world in the last 40 years was in Kazakhstan and it is a top 20 gas supplier.

Kurmangazy since his childhood liked to play on dombra. Then he learnt to play kui of such known kuishy composers of the Bokey Horde as Bayzhuma, Balamaysyn, Baybakty, Sokyr Eszhan, Sherkesh and finished the play on dombra to perfection. All life of the composer was directed on struggle against social injustice, oppression and violence.

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