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The current predominate form in the United States is mindful meditation.

As coined by Jon Kabat Zinn, “Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose, to the present moment, non-judgmentally.” This implies meditation in some form.

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Neuroscience studies have also shown that it affects the structure of the brain and thus provides a way to “re-condition” ourselves to overcome negative habits that are part of lifelong conditioning.

Mindfulness practices are sometimes called a secular form of Buddhism. However, the teachings of Buddhism (the dharma) are not religious in the Western sense of the word.

Shinran Shonin (1173-1262), founder of the Jodo Shinshu school of Japanese Pure Land, married, and he authorized Jodo Shinshu priests to marry.

In the centuries that followed, the marriage of Japanese Buddhist monks may not have been the rule, but it was a not-infrequent exception.

Nuns may not allow men to touch, rub or fondle them anywhere between the collar-bone and the knees.

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