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Wash his hair or other pampering things Mom once did.30. Dental hygiene: floss, whiten and freshen breath with scope! Guide each other with your hands, don’t just lie there like a starfish.34. Find their erogenous zones and work them, especially if you want to perk them up (no pun intended).39.

Sexy dating legs with hot energy

But the true mysticism of a woman’s orgasm -- its sensations and all it elicits -- eludes the men of this world, who are kept from truly understanding how it feels.

To help unlock the mystery, we got a real women -- including an accountant, EMT, writer, graduate student, and six hosts from Vivid Radio (who have a rich and varied history of having orgasms on camera) -- to describe to men exactly what it feels like to climax as a lady.

"An orgasm starts as a warm sensation in the center of my body.

It spreads in waves and reaches the extent of my full body as it increases in intensity.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian and Kerry Washington attended the 2017 Forbes Women's Summit in their most stylish corporate looks.

Sexy dating legs with hot energy

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