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Earlier in the week, Gyllenhaal was in greater spirits, breaking the monotony of endless press interviews on his role in Life with some bromance banter with co-star Ryan Reynolds.Of course it’s not just Gyllenhaal who finds talking about Swift to be a sore spot – one of her more recent ex-boyfriends Tom Hiddleston got a little bit shirty when a curious reporter tried prying on their relationship.‘s Christian Slater, A$AP Rocky and designer Marc Jacobs.

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After what sounds like the world’s longest staring contest, the actor was next asked whether he fired up some of Taylor’s songs on his Spotify playlist.

Cue even more ‘uncomfortably tense’ awkward silence.

I don't think I said more than ten words to Robert off camera.

I didn't know if he was just ‘in that zone' or if he genuinely didn't like me.

co-stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel Mc Adams have been romantically linked since 2014.

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