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Alice’s return sends shock waves through the small community.Told in dual timelines, flitting between 2014 and the present, the series will follow Alice’s family as they are thrown back into a turmoil that threatens to tear them apart at the seams. That's how long we have to wait until this national nightmare ends and the characters we actually care about on The Walking Dead return.

The veteran actor, who describes himself as “one of those [performers] who always has a bag packed in the hall,” spoke to The Post while promoting the series in Los Angeles. He’s a British soldier posted there and living on an Army compound. Are you still in contact with “Walking Dead” fans and that world?

Because his daughter was abducted in Germany, the family stayed in case they got news.

Produced by New Pictures in association with Two Brothers Pictures and Playground for BBC One and Starz, The series, which earned multiple BAFTA nominations including Best Drama last year, returns with a new case, new characters and a new location.

Season 2 will follow Sam and Gemma (David Morrissey and Hawes), whose daughter Alice went missing in 2003.

The epic showdown between Rick and the Woodbury big bad that Walking Dead fans have been waiting for all season long didn't quite come to fruition during Sunday night's finale, but there's a very good reason for that: The Governor is returning as a series regular next season.

Who is david morrissey dating

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