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Another woman came forward to police on Tuesday following national press coverage of the migrant rape scandal to report being “touched” at a music event by “several immoral men”.

More analagous to the Cologne attacks were events in Hamburg, where groups of “southern or Arab appearance” men aged between 20 and 40 sexually assaulted dozens of women.

At around , two foster sisters, 5-year-old Gurtrude Hamacher and 14-year-old Louise Lenzen, left the fair and started walking through the adjoining allotments to their home.

The sequences for these isoenzymes offered a test of one of the crucial predictions of endosymbiotic theory, namely that the sequences of nuclear genes for enzymes essential to chloroplast physiology should be more similar to prokaryotic homologues than to the nuclear genes for their cytosolic homologues, which should represent the history of the host that acquired the plastid.

If so, that would be evidence for gene transfer to the nucleus in the wake of endosymbiotic origin of plastids (Martin and Cerff, 1986), or endosymbiotic gene transfer, as we later called it (Martin et al., 1993).

As night fell across the city that had lived through a year of terror, the streets rapidly emptied.

People hurried through the narrow lanes to their homes.

Police have recieved 53 complaints of harrasment relating to new year’s eve so far, including 39 of sexual harassment.

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