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In addition to the predecessor product the Open Stage WL3 supports now not only wireless telephony, but also messaging and alarming as options.

The Open Stage WL3 family consists of: The following information provides an first overview. Please refer to the detailed operating instructions for more information.

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Bare words (words without a search operator) are interpreted to search in the 'content:' operator -- this matches any text in the message.

More advanced searches can be done by specifying a search operator.

Examples of parameters are WLAN system parameters and Vo IP service parameters. Before an Open Stage WL3 telephone is able to access the WLAN and any services, it must be configured with WLAN system specific parameters, for example the SSID (network identification).

The parameters are synchronized with the Open Stage WL3 telephones via a USB cable connected to the Open Stage WL3 Desktop Programmer.

The card images used on this site which have the "Sample" watermark written across them are obtained from the Cardfight!!

Desktop dating wiki

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