Dating roomates sister

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She actually had a neat painting of Jesus on her boots, which was cool.

Anyway, one afternoon, she was watching 7th Heaven, and there was a plot line where a male Christian character was dating a Jewish girl, and they were having an argument about something dumb.

Robinson was fired from Temple police on Sunday, after criminal charges were filed against him.

My college roommate took off all her clothes to poop. She would go in there (for pooping) and she would take off all her clothes. I'm sleeping on the futon below our lofted bunk beds, and all of a sudden I hear this drip drip drip coming from the ceiling. after a heavy night of drinking, but I look up and I see [my roommate's] legs swung over the bed frame above me.

Afterward, presumably she would put the clothes back on. He's blacked out and solid-stream peeing all over our dorm room.

He and his girlfriend would have loud sex to Pandora's techno station, but because he did not have a subscription, in the middle it you'd hear "Nchnchnchnch — advertisement: Are you a vampire??

— Nchnchnch." Anyway, between having sex to techno and vampire ads, he would break up with her and then call his dad to cry/yell about how she was a horrible, immature person.

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