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DART provides services, such as: Crisis response for early intervention is intended to meet several objectives, including providing victim support, promoting victim safety, facilitating prosecution of DV as a crime, and ultimately reducing the likelihood of future DV incidents, injury, or escalation in the severity of abuse.

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The Republicans returned to Washington on Monday from their Independence Day holiday, determined to find a way to pass a repeal measure that is among the most widely detested bills ever placed before Congress.

The latest report is published by the Kaiser Family Foundation and based on insurance company reports of average premiums, claims, medical loss ratios, gross margins and other data.

The six city-funded DART agencies are: (Hollenbeck and Northeast Divisions) Project Peacemakers, Inc.

(Newton, Southeast, Southwest, and 77th Divisions) Rainbow Services, Ltd.

In 1875, Aristides was the winner of the first Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Ky. In 1989, 1 million people demonstrated for democratic reforms in Beijing.

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