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There are quite a few prejudices in this regard, the more common of which I think are: “older employees are inflexible and have rusted up” and “older employees come up with fewer innovative ideas and no longer wish to develop themselves”.

It's good to see that many organizations have come up with various different ways to keep their older employees mobile.

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This is defined by expressions such as ‘sustainable employability’, ‘employability’ and ‘age management policy’.

In this blog, I will give five tips to start achieving this.

Only the original Ska Date dating script license grants you full documentation, on-site management and customization, as well as language dumps, dating and community site templates, mobile apps customization, etc.

Building a site with a nulled script you should remember that Ska Date is a professional dating software with a great set of features and administration tools.

I believe that a sustainable employability policy should address the needs of all employees.

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