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Those for and against legalization have been lobbying Scott hard.A group of medical professionals and others held a Statehouse news conference Thursday urging him to veto the bill.) that will “ban the box” for both public and private employers. Affected employers will be required to remove any questions regarding criminal history from job applications, and refrain from inquiring on an individual’s past or conducting a background check until during interview the interview process or if an applicant has been deemed qualified for a position.

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Banning the box is all about breaking down barriers and giving those Vermonters who have paid their debt to society a fair chance at finding a good job.

Nobody wins when Vermonters are trapped in a cycle of unemployment and incarceration.”Exceptions to the law include:• Jobs where a criminal history or certain convictions prohibit employment due to federal or state law.• A conviction or a crime precludes employment in a specific position Should an employer violate the ban the box law (), they can be subject to civil penalties of up to $100 for each violation.

Until January 1, improperly labeled foods will be assumed to have been packaged and distributed before today, and manufacturers will not be held liable if the labels are not in compliance.

However, the attorney general’s office warned that no manufacturer, retailer or producer will be granted an extension beyond that, and manufacturers can be fined $1,000 per violation. Vermont Public Radio posted a good explainer last week.) The Associated Press reported that large companies such as General Mills and Campbell’s have printed and shipped labels complying with the law and foresee no problems.

The town meeting warning tells people when and where town meeting will be held, and it lists all of the articles (topics) that are going to be discussed and voted on at the meeting.

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