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Note that geographic proximity often isn't the most important factor for determining which machine will serve you best.If your system moves around a lot, you may be best served by a "mirror" that is backed by a global for this purpose and you can use this in your apt — consult the service's website for details.

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For both kinds the tuner error is ~30 -20 PPM, relatively stable once warmed up, and stable from day to day for a given dongle. The RTL2832 ADC differential input impedance is ~3,300 Ohm.

The dynamic range for most dongles is around 45 d B.

Because the devices use complex sampling (I/Q) the sample rate is equal to the bandwidth instead of just half of it.

For the data transfer mode USB 2 is required, 1.1 won't work.

The quadrature mixer produces a complex-baseband output where the signal spans from -bandwidth/2 to bandwidth/2 and bandwidth is the analog bandwidth of the mixer output stages.

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