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If you tour the entire page, study the siding patterns and read the "Need to Know" guides you will know more than 99% of the people you talk to on this subject. KNOTTY: The most significant question is "Do you like knots? You should know that any size over 1x8" is prone to cupping while smaller sizes require more labor to install.

Certain patterns like Bevel can be less expensive than T&G or Ship-Lap because the specific mill cut makes better use of the original board.

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Cedar siding has traditionally been graded and milled to the ROUGH face.

In the last years SMOOTH face texture has become popular but at a cost to your siding performance and endurance.

There's a certain elegance to a woman with long legs and many of the photos capture that. Please contact us if you're interested in being photographed for or if you have any suggestions for models that we might want to feature.

All models must be at least 18 years old at the time the photographs are taken.

This is a very large and comprehensive page because there is a LOT YOU NEED TO KNOW if you want to make exterior Cedar Siding work long term.

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