Dating campagnolo brakes

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Note: the specs for Gitanes sold in different markets (France and continental Europe, the UK, the US and so on) can differ widely for the same or similar models so they are just a starting point. SF Bay Area, CA USA ============== 1984 Criterium 1969 Td F 1971 Td F 1974 Td F 1984 Td F x 2 Bikes 1970 SC 1971 SC 1972 SC 1984 SC 1984 Team Pro 1985 Professional 1990s Team Replica OK, I'll be less subtle. I have indeed perused through many of the catalogs.

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Has anybody thought of throwing together a how to on this?

My cursory search didn't turn a thread up, just a bunch of "help me identify X" threads.

But until I understand what these words mean they are nothing more than labels on boxes. I keep opening boxes until I reach a limit where the effort to proceed exceeds my capacity (and willingness) to learn. And hope that what I understand to be true represents a fair description of a reality that exists.

Question: Can you do a video on tips for mixing and matching brake calipers and levers for road applications?

Pictures Roma Olimpiade, green, 58 cm Falck tubing, Gran Sport components, hub locknuts & Brooks saddle dated 1960. Magistroni for Legnano cranks stamped 60 on the backside of the right arm.

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