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The men did not know they were being broadcast live to millions of viewers.

But for kids these days, embracing a queer identity while rejecting the gender binary is less a trend and more a reflection of growing up in a world with unprecedented access to information and communities, at a time when the concept of identity is open to interpretation. While I often question the taste level of today's teens—back in my day, we had —I take comfort in knowing that they're much less hung up about gender and sexual orientation than my generation, and the generation before, and before that. And try as they might, no one can stop the inexorable march of progress.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if identifying as LGBQ only impacted who you chose to love, marry, date, or have sex with? The world we live in does not always accept sexualities that don’t fit into the mainstream and most people assume that everyone is (or should be) straight. This page provides some useful information that may help if you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or queer.

Previous studies found that older MSM men report much higher rates of HIV testing [1].

This suggests that there may be a long lag time between when young men become sexually active and when they start testing for HIV.

outed a now-homeless teen and has caused numerous advertisers to flee.

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