Error while updating eclipse

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Removing from the "Available Software Sites" in Eclipse, and adding it again did the fix. After exporting and importing bookmarks, the problem did not get resolved. On further thoughts I found that my antivirus is not allowing eclipse to talk to internet. Sandeep Jindal I had a similar problem over the last couple months, but ignored it until I really needed Py Dev to work on my laptop today.

I tried the solutions above to no avail and then I found something odd: In (Window-Available Software) I noticed that the box for 'Py Dev Update Site' AND another one right below it with the location 'file:/updates' were both checked, causing a duplicate of most or all update URLs.

In this part we will discuss about Tiles Framework and its Integration with Spring 3.0 MVC.

error while updating eclipse-85

Because I am developing for Android, however, I have to install the ADT Plugin within Eclipse by going to Help Install new software (or something to that effect).

Now, I do understand that I can update Eclipse through the actual Ubuntu software center/system, but in order to update plugins and extensions within Eclipse, I have to go to Help Check for Updates (which then scans all plugins for updates).

At that point, Eclipse should automatically download the plugin contents and present you to a dialog asking if you want to restart (to which you should say yes).

After downloading the zip file: Extract the contents of the zip file in the eclipse/dropins folder and restart Eclipse.

so that Eclipse will query the update site you just entered for contents.

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