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If you want to start your own moneymaking site for love connections, try these five strategies.Creating your own online dating site takes time and creativity, but these sites have real potential as lucrative businesses.The need to be loved and feel loved can even become more important than the need for survival. Create a simple dating website and publish your first 10 - 50 dating and relationships articles.

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Look at other online dating websites to determine staples that your dating website must offer to be competitive.

Use the information you gather to identify what you could do differently to set yourself apart from other free dating sites.

When done right, these sites can be lucrative and require minimal effort to maintain.

Markus Frind, founder and CEO of Plenty Of Fish, says he brings in more than $10 million a year (at least half is pure profit) working for just an hour a day.

Publishing articles to your Website with Wordpress is much easier than coding pages by hand one-by-one!

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