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Since 2015, we’ve had our own home; a welcoming home in the heart of Casper that conveys the acceptance of all.

Throughout most of its history, UU Casper has been guided by its lay leaders.

Our membership over the years has included atheists alongside believers who had not found nourishment in the religions they were raised in, as well as people who were raised with no particular religious orientation.

The week's rhythms are set by children's car pools and Saturday morning soccer games.

Yet, tens of thousands of singles have rejected the high voltage of Manhattan and settled in among the Married With Children of Westport, Scarsdale, Long Beach or Pleasantville.

With roots in Casper dating to the 1950s and in continuous operation since the early 1980s, a group of religiously liberal folks have gathered together to ask questions, learn, grow spiritually, and to make a difference for good.

Through the years, this group of Unitarian Universalists has gathered in homes, rented rooms, and rented space in a church.

"But singles are looking for the same things married people are looking for -- a better life style.

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