Listening and validating feelings Onesexchat and more

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Listening is key to being there for your partner, and it can be more challenging when you feel a strong desire to react or to defend yourself.

To keep the focus on your partner, think about these three skills: 1.

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Most recognize or are reminded by their partners when they are not listening.

Invalidation The problem with invalidation, and the reason it is so caustic to relationships, is that it is not simply the absence of validation.

In Positive Discipline we teach how important it is to understand the "belief" behind the behavior, and to "validate feelings," so we can better connect with and encourage our students, but then we hit a roadblock of "I don't knows."The truth is that kids (and adults) often don't know the "thinking" behind their behavior, and they haven't been taught to be aware of their feelings, so they really don't know.

If you are listening carefully, you can usually guess what the student is feeling.

In any relationship, communication is essential, especially to get your needs met and let your partner know how you feel.

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