Validating textboxes in asp net

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The third Text Box is phone number, it only allows numbers.

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To customize CLIENT validation with a customvalidator, use the Client Validation Function attritute on the validator that points to some javascript - (see my earlier post for javascript signature and return values). Net Form into an web form, can this be done I am new here, but have been searching for a while, and may not have the correct lingo to find what I am looking for. NET WEB APPLICATION hei guys, i need help on my application, i'm using C#. The programming models for windows forms and web projects are very different there is no way to convert a web to windows forms project. Net User Group Hey Ajax-y, This tool really helps all programmers.

I have used the following custom validators: Target Control ID="Text Box5" Mask="99/99/9999" Message Validator Tip="true" On Focus Css Class="Masked Edit Focus" On Invalid Css Class="Masked Edit Error" Mask Type="Date" Display Money="Left" Accept Negative="Left" Error Tooltip Enabled="True" / Control Extender="Masked Edit Extender5" Control To Validate="Text Box5" Empty Value Message="Date is required" Invalid Value Message="Date is invalid" Display="Dynamic" Tooltip Message="Input a date" Empty Value Blurred Text="*" Invalid Value Blurred Message="*" Validation Group="MKE" / Again, I am strictly looking for client side validation somewhich which can be achieved through validation controls. Tried several combinations with the validation controls but have not been successful yet. with a custom validator, you can add your own javascript so the world is the limit.

add this attritute to your customvalidator Client Validation Function="Your Script" Now, write your javascript.

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